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Sailing Turkey: The History Buff’s Sightseeing Guide

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 24, 2014

Sailing Turkey‘s wonderful coast has many rewards. Turkey is a country that combines a rich culture with both European and Asian influences, and it has a long history as a major world power. This means there are many historic sites and buildings waiting to be enjoyed by today’s history buffs.

Xanthos and Letoon
Xanthos and Letoon are two spectacular historical sites that are located extremely close together. Xanthos is a spectacular and once-great city, which now lies in ruins. The remains of the city are atmospheric and fascinating. Letoon is an ancient sanctuary dedicated to Leto, daughter of Titans in Greek mythology. The site was once one of the area’s most important religious spots.

Kayakoy is a ghost town, abandoned by its last inhabitants in 1927. It is now an eery yet mesmerising historical site and tourist attraction, as well as a time capsule of everyday Turkish life in the ’20s. Exploring is an absolute must for anyone with the slightest interest in history.

Like Xanthos, Telmessos is an ancient city and was once the largest in the Lycian region. Many impressive parts of the city still stand, while the rest offers fascinating ruins to explore. The area is steeped in history and although it is like Xanthos in many ways, the site is also very different and it is definitely worth seeing both.

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