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Sailing Turkey won’t leave you blue

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 13, 2014

There will be many unforgettable sights on your sailing Turkey holiday but none will be more awe-inspiring than your first glimpse of Kastellorizo’s incredible Blue Cave.

The cave, a short distance away from the Turkish resort of Kas but actually in Greece, is also known as the Blue Grotto or by the Greek word for seal’s refuge, Phokiali. It is particularly special as it can only be reached by boat or by swimmers, so it feels like you are entering another world where only a select few are invited.


The entrance is just a metre over sea level and its size belies the open beauty of what lies inside. Be prepared to be amazed at the dazzling, almost heavenly, blueness within. This is caused by the sea refracting sunlight, which is then reflected within the grotto. The aura is the kind that the best dreams are made of and this is a place where the best of memories will be created.

It is often compared to Italy’s world-renowned Grotto Azzurra in Capri, but at 40 to 50 metres long, 25-30 metres wide and 20-25 metres high, it is significantly bigger and possibly even more spectacular.


It lies on the south east coast of Kastellorizo which, apart from islet Strongyli nearby, is Greece’s easternmost island. There are many notable sea caves in the area, all sitting close to the Turkish seaside town of Kas, about half way between Antalya and Rhodes.

Kastellorizo, known as Meis Adasi in Turkish, is just four miles off the shore. The island itself is a spectacular sight, boasting mountainous terrain and a rugged, dramatic coastline, which only those in or on the sea can truly enjoy.

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