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Sailing Turkey’s Highlights: The Charms of Gocek

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 09, 2015

Sailing Turkey‘s coast will reveal a number of wonderful destinations and some absolutely unforgettable experiences. Gocek, while only a small town, is home to a surprisingly large array of wonderful experiences and attractions which have long made it a favourite with sailing enthusiasts.


The Bazaars
Gocek has bazaars and markets with stalls selling traditional and modern goods. The bazaars are among the best cultural experiences you can enjoy in while in Turkey, and the bustling crowds of buyers can give you a delightful rush if you like to be near a hub of activity. Don’t be afraid to engage in a spot of friendly haggling. Pistachios, jewellery and authentic Turkish Delight are all things that are definitely worth looking for.

The Food
There are some wonderful culinary experiences to enjoy in Gocek, so it is well worth grabbing a spot of lunch at a place that takes your fancy. In particular, Gocek is a great place to enjoy a traditional Turkish kebab. Expect it to be higher-quality, more delicious and more satisfying than the kebabs sold in most British corner shops. If kebabs are not your thing, there are plenty of rustic restaurants and high-class eateries to furnish you with an alternative.

The Historic Sites
Gocek is well positioned on a stretch of coastline that is rich in history. Ancient ruins, both Roman and Lycian, can be found nearby and make for a fascinating session of exploration. Skipping forward a millennium or two, the ghost town of Kayakoy is not far away. The five hundred houses of the town were abandoned in the 1920s and have since sat as an eerie time capsule of Turkish life at that time.

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