Sample Something Truly Unique On A Sailing Turkey Adventure
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Sample Something Truly Unique On A Sailing Turkey Adventure

Lucy Bradley
By Lucy Bradley
on  January 27, 2017

You really do get to see some amazing sights when sailing Turkey‘s seas. From fascinating cities to secluded coves to historical landmarks, Turkey is a country with no end of activities to entertain even the most discerning of holiday-makers.

Sailing Turkey's seas - Visit beaches and take a plunge in the ocean

Not only that, but Turkey offers some truly unique holiday experiences. Take Patara Beach for example, the sands here soft and golden. And the crystal clear water is home to both turtles and dolphins. The area is so special the government have declared the beach a designated national park.

And although the beach is famed for its peace and tranquillity, it is far from a dull place to be. Considered one of the world’s best stretches of sand, the area’s protection from development means that it has retained a wonderfully unique aura. It’s perennially popular with locals and tourists alike, and taking in the sunset here is a truly special experience.

And if you feel like venturing further into Patara itself, there is plenty more to explore. In fact, examples of Turkey’s amazing ancient ruins are peppered along the coastline and further inland. All of which means a visit here will live long in the memory.

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