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Sampling the Local Cuisine on a Turkey Sailing Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  May 27, 2016

Even when a country’s cuisine has travelled far beyond its own shores, there is still nothing quite like sampling traditional food in the place where it first emerged. There is something about the ambience of a country coupled with its local delicacies that can make a holiday truly special.

Visiting Turkey - Sampling local culture

This is particularly true when you are enjoying a Turkey sailing break. There are a number of Turkish dishes which are now commonplace in other countries, but having the opportunity to try some of the most popular foods in a truly authentic way cannot be missed.

Much like the Spanish style of eating tapas, a meze is how many Turkish natives choose to enjoy their food. With a meze, you get a little taste of a number of dishes, offering a great insight into the local cuisine. These include marinated and grilled octopus, stuffed vegetables or meat-filled pastry parcels. Whether you are hoping to enjoy a long lazy lunch or are looking for a laidback option for an evening meal, a meze is a perfect solution.

If you want something a bit more substantial, how about a kebab? A traditional Turkish kebab is a far cry from some of the high-street offerings you may be familiar with, and with a varied choice of fillings available, there is something to suit all tastes.

Turkey sailing opportunities - Things to see and do

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