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Seeing Dubrovnik Old Town on a Sailing Croatia Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 14, 2016

An almost perfectly preserved example of a medieval city, Dubrovnik’s Old Town is a must-see when sailing Croatia’s seas.

Croatian sailing trips - Urban stop-offs

Construction began in the 11th century and ended in the 17th, and now the strong stone walls continue to protect the heart of the city centre. Walking these walls offers some of the best views of the surrounding sea and the nearby Croatian islands. In addition to the walls themselves, there is a great deal of untouched and unchanged architecture to admire and enjoy.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the city centre is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And even the natural disasters of earthquakes and the man-made effects of war have done little to damage the culture of Dubrovnik; indeed, after both events the city was painstakingly restored.


But amongst all the cultural and historical significance, Dubrovnik Old Town is a lively and vibrant place full of everything the modern traveller could need. Sports enthusiasts are well served by water-based activities on the nearby beaches, whilst history buffs will love the museums and palaces. And if nightlife is more your scene, Dubrovnik is packed with bars, cafes and restaurants to keep you busy long after the sun has gone down.

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