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Seeing the superb Saklikent Gorge while sailing Turkey

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 24, 2014


Hidden 50 kilometres away from the city of Fethiye lies the Saklikent Gorge. Its name alone, which translates as ‘hidden city’, hints at all the wonders to be discovered and anyone choosing to make the trip while sailing Turkey will, without fail, find it to be one of the most unique sights on their journey.

The Saklikent Gorge is a canyon that, at 300 metres deep and 18 kilometres long, is one of the deepest in the world. Only accessible during the summer months following on from April, when the winter snow has melted and high waters abated, visitors can here discover a fantastic natural attraction that, even in the hottest of days, provides cold water and a cool breeze. Priceless for anyone who suffers in higher temperatures!


An approximate four kilometres of the gorge is available for adventurers to trek, encompassing river walks, mud trails and narrow walkways built into the canyon walls and representing one of the best trails the Mediterranean has to offer. For thrill seekers after even more of a buzz, there is also the opportunity to participate in a variety of fast-paced water activities, from river rafting on the rapids to wing mountaineering.

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