Seeking Sun and Tradition on a Sailing Turkey Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 21, 2016

If you are looking for an unspoiled example of a time gone by, then the fishing village of Kas is just the ticket. Sitting on the southern tip of Turkey, Kas is now a popular retreat for locals and tourists alike.

 Sailing in Turkey - Seeking the sun

Its lovely location means that sun is always on the agenda, and the best place to enjoy the climate is on one of the many beaches that line the coast. Taking a water taxi from Kas harbour will get you to the popular beaches found at Liman Agzi. Here you can rent both sun-shades and loungers whilst making the most of the many cafes that line the golden sands.


From the village itself you can venture into the local countryside or simply explore the town itself. Kas prides itself on offering a varied array of places to eat and drink, making it a perfect place to sample local delicacies whilst on a sailing Turkey break. And if there is time, you won’t want to miss the well-preserved amphitheatre at Antiphellos. Offering a fascinating glimpse into Turkey’s ancient history, it once staged performances for over 4000 people. Although it no longer serves this purpose, it remains a brilliant place to capture some of the best views Kas has to offer.


Whether you are staying put in Kas or using the village as a starting point for an adventure further afield, this traditional village is a great place to visit whilst sailing Turkey’s seas.

Visiting Turkey - Having fun in the sun

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