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6 Foods You MUST Try In Turkey

By Lucy Bradley
on  July 19, 2017

If you think one of the best parts of any holiday is sampling the local cuisine, we’re totally on the same page! As well as soaking in the sunshine and the sights on your sailing trip, here are some of the tastiest treats awaiting you on your MedSailors Turkey adventure.

MedSailors Turkey getaways - Dine out at sunny restauarants

Starting with the Most Obvious: Turkish Delight

Because when in Turkey, right?! Known as Lokum by the locals, Turkish Delight is nothing like the sugary, slightly strange shade of pink incarnation you’re probably used to. The real deal contains various combinations of ingredients, from chopped dates to pistachios, and every single one is delicious! And don’t forget to bring some back for your fam!

An Epic Traditional Turkish Mezze on Your MedSailors Turkey Adventure

Easily the most incredible way to start any meal, a traditional Turkish mezze consists of a few different dishes, usually including hummus, falafel, dolmas (delicious vine leaves stuffed with rice), aubergine, yoghurt flavoured with herbs, and plenty of white cheese.

The Sticky and Sweet Joy that is Baklava

Seriously, savour your first bite of this sweet treat because it’s a moment you won’t want to forget. Lots of layers of perfectly flaky pastry and finely chopped nuts are stuck together with a delightfully sweet syrup, making it the perfect dessert, afternoon snack…well, any time snack, really!

Indulge in Gözleme on Your Sailing Trip

This handmade flatbread can be filled with a variety of different combinations and makes an ideal on-the-go snack. Your choice of filling will be sealed inside the flatbread, which will then be cooked on a griddle. Warm and delicious, our fave combination is the always delish spinach and cheese!

Delicious Dondurma

It may look like a regular ice cream, but just you wait – the texture is so light and creamy it’ll almost certainly be one of the best ice creams you’ve tried! It’s also pretty likely you’ve seen videos of Dondurma vendors online, flipping cones and spinning ice cream around in ways you didn’t even know were possible, which is all part of the fun!

Staying cool on a MedSailors Turkey tour - Grab an iced snack for the road

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