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Snorkelling in Bisti on a Greece Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 18, 2016

A Greece sailing trip is the perfect opportunity to try something new. And if snorkelling is something you’ve never had the chance to do, then there is no better place than Greece to give it a go.

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Although there are plenty of places perfect for snorkelling around the Greek islands, one place stands out above all others: the truly stunning area of Bisti, near the village of Ermioni.


Ermioni itself has plenty to offer, with Bisti the jewel in the crown of its attractions. Found at the southern tip of the island, the pebble beach is surrounded by a pine-tree-lined cove, and it can cater to all kinds of travellers.


More than that, Bisti is a living, breathing archaeological site – and that is why it is so perfect for giving snorkelling a try. Throughout the year, both swimming and snorkelling in the blue seas here give unrivalled views of life above the water and life below. The welcoming waters of the sea are home to all kinds of fish, marine life and aquatic creatures that are best viewed when snorkelling and will provide a brilliant story to recount when you return home.

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