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Spotting Sea Turtles on a Sailing Turkey Adventure

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 15, 2016

The beautiful Turkish fishing town of Kalkan provides the perfect place to visit when taking a break from sailing Turkey’s seas.

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Chief amongst its attractions is the world-famous Patara beach. With many regarding this stretch of sand as one of the wildest in the Mediterranean, the beach offers something slightly different than others in the area. Home to all kinds of wonderful bird-life and lying within the boundaries of a national park, the beach’s biggest draw must be the loggerhead turtles which make their home there.


As the turtles are close to extinction, those with responsibility for the creatures are understandably very keen to preserve their future. As such, the beach has been protected from the development that other places in Turkey have undergone. Although this means no cafes, bars or shops, it does mean that the beach is an incredibly peaceful and tranquil place, offering a real escape from the hustle and bustle nearby.


Part of the continuing efforts to protect the turtles from extinction involves the closure of the beach at certain times of the year. When the sun goes down, between May and October, the beach becomes off limits, meaning it is important to make the most of this unique piece of land during the sunny days in Kalkan.

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