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Sun, Sea and Sailing Turkey Style

By MedSailors Crew
on  April 17, 2015

It is little wonder that the Turkish tourist board often choose to use images of Kaputas beach when enticing tourists to visit their shores. It is more than just the usual sand and sea; it is a place where all aspects of nature are perfectly and beautifully balanced. Unspoilt by the usual rows of plastic sun beds and untouched by the normal facilities, the simplicity of the beach gives it an unrivalled calmness and tranquillity.
Sailing in Turkey - Jumping in a cave
But if this picture is not enough to tempt you, perhaps the hidden secret of Kaputa will whet your appetite for adventure. The Blue Cave, thought to be the largest such geographical feature on the Turkish coastline, should not be missed.

It may suffer from a somewhat unimaginative title, but the Blue Cave more than makes up for it in when it is experienced for real. Beyond an unremarkable entrance lies a sea of sparkling turquoise which, when reflected on to the high cave walls, creates a bright blue phosphorescent glow. Eerie and effervescent in equal measure, the phenomenon feels almost like being part of a film set, and you could easily imagine a bunch of pirates fitting right into the dramatic scene.

Anyone enjoying a holiday in this part of the world should try to see this when sailing Turkey’s coastline.

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