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MedSailors Sustainable Sailing Holidays In 2013

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 17, 2012

It seems as if tourism and international travelling is on an all time high, as UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) announced this past Thursday that the one-billionth international traveller for 2012 officially touched down! That is one in 7 people who are in the advantageous position to discover and explore this world, and as bookings for MedSailors sailing trips are filling up we can only forecast another cracking year for international travel and exploration in 2013!

The wealthy have travelled since the earliest days of civilisation  either for business, education or religion; but the present form the tourism industry has taken is still in its formative years. In the old days the destination was the whole reason for the journey, but as the traveller’s generation says: It’s not about the destination- it is about the journey!

Following these findings, sustainable and responsible travel has become more important to young travellers on fantastic adventures and tour operators offering these trips. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that we are looking after the environment and the people of the countries hosting our Croatia and Greece sailing trips. And as the tourism industry now attributes for one in 12 jobs worldwide, there are numerous opportunities to involve local people in this booming industry!

The UNWTO have launched the One Billion Tourists: One Billion Opportunities campaign with the aim of promoting responsible travel and providing tips on how to travel more sustainably. The top tip, as voted by the public, was Buy Local followed by Respect Local Culture, both ideals which MedSailors highly value.

Our sailing trips support local businesses and tour operators. During our trips we eat (and drink!) local, supporting our friends the farmers, markets and restaurateurs in every town we visit. And of course there are the other suppliers who benefit; the people who supply local transport, the hotels and shops that look after our guests’ needs on their sailing trips, and guides who show our guests the local sights.

At MedSailors we are passionate about ensuring our holidays are sustainable and contributes in a positive way to local economies. In this way we can assure our sailing trips offer our guests a chance to help preserve the wealth and future of the wonderful Greek and Croatian villages our sailing trips frequent.

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