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Take a Sailing Turkey Trip into the Unusual

By MedSailors Crew
on  April 03, 2016

It may seem unusual to mention a cold swim as a highlight of a holiday sailing Turkey’s seas, but the charms of Cold Water Bay really are a must-see.

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The area is very welcoming with local businesses and restaurateurs just waiting to show visitors what makes this area of Turkey so special. The cove itself is relatively small and the beach is pebbly rather than sandy, but the remarkable quality of the water is what makes it so unique. The area sits on the site of a flowing underwater spring which harnesses the fresh water of the mountains above and keeps the sea beautifully cool all year round. Whether early in the morning to set you up for your day or late at night to relax you, the invigorating cold water really is something that cannot be missed.


And if the water itself isn’t enough the tempt you, it is worth noting that Cold Water Bay is the gateway to one of Turkey’s most unusual sights: the ghost town of Kayakoy. Abandoned by its inhabitants in the 1920s, Kayakoy now stands as a monument to a time gone by. There are great views of the town from some of Cold Water Bay’s top eateries and bars, but if you want a closer look the trail up to the town is clearly marked from the cove itself. Whether it is the water or the sightseeing that draws you to Cold Water Bay, you will be sure of a warm welcome.


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