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Take a Wine Tour of Vis While Sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 06, 2013

Taste Wine In Visa In Croatia Sailing

The small island of Vis is the farthest inhabited island off the Croatian coast and a spot famed for its vineyards as well as its military history, tourism and fishing industries. Inhabited since the 4th century BC, its wines have been around for almost as long and it is even said that the first grape vine planted in Dalmatia was done so on Vis.

Today, approximately 20% of the island is covered by grapevines, producing a number of indigenous varieties that include Kurteloska, Vugava and Plavac Mali. The wines made from these grapes are renowned across Croatia. Vugava grows exclusively on Vis, with a deep golden colour and a flavour characterised by a rich honey flavour, while Plavac, with its notable peppery taste, is the island’s best known red wine by far.

For anyone making a stop in Vis while sailing Croatia, a wine tour is not simply recommended but almost a necessity to truly appreciate all the island has to offer. From Vis Town to the town of Komiza, family-run vineyards producing wine in the traditional manner sit alongside modern wineries to form the Vis Wine Route.

Following this route, visitors are given the opportunity to discover the historic wine tradition of the island, where they can visit wine cellars, enjoy glasses of local wine and even take part in the seasonal grape harvest, all in the most picturesque of village settings.

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