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Take some time out… to go sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  May 29, 2014

Sitting at a desk watching the rain run down the windows? Stuck on a commuter train with hours to go before you reach home? Well, imagine you’re floating around the Mediterranean on a boat packed with all your favourite people, with as much relaxation or activity as you like. Imagine you’re sailing in Greece.
It really is the perfect place to travel with a big group of friends, as there is so much on offer. From the larger islands of Rhodes and Crete to the smaller, tucked-away locations such as Symi, you can have all different kinds of holiday rolled into one. Go exploring amongst the famous Greek architecture, visit ancient legendary sites such as Knossos or simply unwind by the sea.yacht-charter-greece-med-sailorsThen in the evening you can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many tavernas you’ll find on your route. The Greek people are famously friendly and will welcome you whatever time you turn up, giving you the chance to sample Greek dishes such as moussaka, dolmas, dolmades and souvlaki, washed down with retsina and ouzo.sailing-greece-restaurant-med-sailorsThen you can enjoy dancing or watching entertainment into the small hours before you return to your boat for the next leg of your journey. What, just what, could be better?

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