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Taking a Croatia Tour

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

Taking a Croatia tour makes a great honeymoon experience or vacation for family and friends. Croatia is one among the most admired tourist destinations in the world.  The country is a dream destination for any traveler willing to explore. It has a wide range of tourist attractions. Cultural diversity that is drawn from a blend of four cultures, art, architecture, wonderful beaches, great food, and wine are some of the reasons why taking a visiting Croatia is very tempting. Croatia has a rich history that has shaped its culture, art and architecture and visiting the country introduces a traveler to the different faces and times of Croatia.

Croatia Tour is not just pleasurable, but a good learning experience too. Its geographical location makes it accessible both by land and sea. Croatia has a magnificent coastline that is dotted with over one thousand islands waiting for exploration. Taking a bike ride, using a ferry or yacht to explore this magnificent coastline will make you fall in love with the country. The breathtaking scenery of beautiful bays and tiny, quiet villages that are hemmed in by mountains and forests looks like a scene from a magical fairy tale.  Sailing is a popular activity along the coastline. Public and private yachts are available for anyone who wants to carry out scuba diving, kayaking or water snorkeling. Watching the golden sunsets while relaxing with friends or family in a yacht is also a great option.  While exploring the coastline, one can also enjoy the delicious seafood served by the hospitable people of Croatia. Croatia tour would not be complete without a visit to the coastline.

Towns such as Zagreb, which is the capital city, offer a wide range of activities for a tourist like the Zagreb Biennial of contemporary music festival and entertainment spots are in plenty for anyone taking the Croatia Tour. Zagreb offers rich cultural history for the cultural tourist. Other places to visit include Dalmatia which lies along the coast and Dubrovnik whose beauty and splendor has been compared to that of Venice. Croatia has several world heritages and these would be a perfect experience for children and adults alike.

The Croatia tour is taken by most people between April and September because of the weather which is cool in April and becomes sunny in May and June. This makes it a great time for any outdoor activities apart from skiing. People also love this time because the accommodation prices are still affordable. The influx of German and Italian tourists in July and August make these months the most exorbitant. Most of the tourists have gone home by September, and students are back at school. The prices are at their lowest rate at this time, and if you wanted to save money and enjoy this country this would be a great time to visit.

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