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Tasting Tradition on a Greece Sailing Stop in Spetses

By MedSailors Crew
on  October 08, 2013

MedSailors Greece Sailing
Of all the larger Greek islands, Spetses is perhaps the most exquisite – offering traditional charm in abundance. The island is a favourite with both wealthy Athenians and those on Greece sailing tours and is famous for its pretty harbour side, yachting scene and quaint cobbled villages and towns.

Despite its popularity, Spetses has retained its ties with the past and, rather than resort complexes and shopping malls, the island is characterised by whitewashed buildings and small, locally run businesses.

The island has only one major town, also called Spetses, which makes getting to know the island a relatively easy task. Stretching across the north coast, the most attractive part of town is the Old Harbour which boasts old school restaurants, modern nightclubs and a beautiful lighthouse which is the best spot in town from which to appreciate the island’s magnificent landscapes.

Meanwhile, in the town centre, take time to explore the museum which is housed in the grandiose Mexis Mansion, originally owned by Spetses’ first governor Hadziyiannis Mexis. Unusually, the town centre bordering the gently lapping sea, sports its own beach – perfect for a spot of swimming to cool off from the heat of the day.

While there is culture in abundance, what you will not find in Spetses are cars; motor vehicles are banned on the island and so stepping ashore feels like a step back in time. Instead, hop on a scooter to travel the island or put on your walking shoes to explore the sights and wonders to be found within the settlements and along the hiking trails of Spetses.
If all this isn’t enough, round off your Greece sailing trip to Spetses with a horse drawn carriage ride for the ultimate traditional experience!

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