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The Beatnuts Announced For Outlook And Sail Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 28, 2012


The latest band to be announced for the 2012 summer line up at The Outlook Festival is the Beatnuts. This is great news for those looking to Sail Croatia.

The New York based hip hop group are an exciting addition to the already popular line up for this year’s Outlook festival. The festival offers a great mix of music festivities and relaxing atmosphere for those looking for a Croatia Holiday. The festival continues to grow in size each year with this years line up gaining the greatest applause.

With Sailing Croatia Holidays become so popular amongst European tourists as an active holiday destination, it will serve the festival as a great add on for those looking to Sail Croatia this summer.

The festival is staying true to its roots and surely has a great shot of becoming one of Europe’s greatest music festivals.


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