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The Best Beaches to Discover on a Croatia Sailing Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  May 08, 2013

Sailing Holidays And Croatia Beaches

The Croatian coastline is raved about by travellers far and wide and with almost 2000 miles of it to explore, plus over 1000 islands, visitors would be hard pushed to find an equivalent!

The nation is frequently recognised as having some of the best beaches in Europe and, while they are not traditionally sandy, their warm pebbly shores combined with crystal clear waters make Croatia the perfect place for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts alike.

Zlatni Rat is the poster child of Croatia’s beaches, a much photographed and unwaveringly popular white pebble beach on the island of Brac. A natural wonder, as the tides and winds change, so too does the shape of the narrow beach. Even those unimpressed by the science of it all will find themselves in awe of its beauty, revelling in everything from its bordering pine tree grove to its tucked away picturesque coves.

Just across the water from the island town of Hvar lie the Pakleni islands, a tiny archipelago of twenty or so islets. An ideal stop off on any Croatia sailing holiday, the islands boast dozens of secluded beaches set against dazzling blue waters. The most popular of these is Palmizana Bay, which boasts a pretty shingle beach as well as a marina. Other top spots include Sv. Klement, Zdrilica and Mlin, while those looking for a break from the crowds will find that a quiet patch of coast is never far away.

Found on Krk, the largest of the Croatian isles, Baska’s Vela Plaza (or Great Beach) is one of the longest to be found in the region and also one of the most popular. A mixed beach of pebbles and sand and at the heart of Baska’s bustling seafront, Vela Plaza is the dream destination for anyone looking for an activity packed beach break. It has all the facilities for water sports, sunbathing and more, along with beach shops, restaurants and bars, allowing people to find just about everything they want without having to leave the sea behind!

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