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The Best Destinations While Sailing Turkey: Karacaoren

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 27, 2015

You will see many places while you are sailing Turkey‘s beautiful coast, and every one of them will be unique and offer its own distinctive set of charms, attractions and activities. Karacaoren is a place that will truly stand out for many visitors, as some of the things it offers are wonderful.

A Stunning Bay
The undisputed highlight of Karacaoren is the absolutely incredible bay. While it is hard to find a piece of Turkish coast that is anything other than scenic, the bay of Karacaoren still manages to stand out ahead of most other places. Those who like to relax by the sea with a stunning backdrop may find this is the highlight of their holiday.

Great Waters
The bay is not only wonderful in itself, but also a fantastic spot for certain water sports and other aquatic activities. Clear, clean and warmed by the golden rays of the sun, the waters here are perfect for snorkelling, paddle-boarding or simply taking a dip and swimming amongst the glistening waves.

Great Dining
Karacaoren is also a wonderful spot for dining, especially if you want a real Turkish dining experience. Traditional tavernas provide a charming and culturally fascinating setting for your lunch. Their menus are stuffed with delicious, high-quality and authentic Turkish cuisine of the kind that has been enjoyed and appreciated over generations.

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