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The best of Sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

Sailing Croatia attracts exceedingly large number of sailing fans. It is one among the most electrifying sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. It experiences an assortment of unique winds that are ideal for fishing. These winds include Mistral, Bura and Jugo. The country can boast of many beaches, islands and bays where sailors can enjoy pristine nature. There are opportunities to enjoy sailing in private or as a group with others. Croatia may be remembered as having been ravages by the civil war in the recent past. However, that is history now, and the beautiful country opens her arms for any sailor to revel in her beauty.

There are many agencies that are in the business of chartering out yachts. People can hire the boat from these companies and use the boats in their plans of sailing Croatia. Some of the vessels are historical as they were used to ferry fruits from North Africa in the past. They have now been converted into ordinary boats for cruising. The schooners were built over 100 years ago. They have 10 small cabins that can accommodate up to 20 individuals.

The other facilities will be shared between the people in the schooner. The schooners’ route starts from either Split or Dubrovnik that are located along the Adriatic coast. They make stops during the day or at night at the various islands along the Croatian coast. There are many islands that people will find tempting while sailing Croatia. These islands are Vis, Hvar, Brac, Bisevo, Mljet and Korcula.

Sailing Croatia is the most exhilarating thing one can do. The Croatian coast can help people realize their dreams of sailing in the sea. It is full of beautiful islands and calm waters ideal for any sailing expeditions. The weather is conducive most of the time in the year. The coastline alone does not restrict the beauty of Croatia. People can also venture into surrounding areas.

There is an assortment of vessels people can select for sailing Croatia. The boats are well equipped with safety gear they will need for the sailing. If people need to be accompanied by the experienced crew, then they can ask for a seperate captain and a cook. Both the captain and cook will act as their guides all through the voyage. This crew is well informed about the entire coastline. Crew will take people to the best sites. People can even take their family or friends on the tour.

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