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The Best Way To See Turkey Is Sailing Turkey

By Lucy Bradley
on  January 05, 2017

With its temperate climate, fascinating culture and gorgeous beaches, it is no surprise that Turkey is such a popular holiday destination. For many visitors, it is a location that sees them return again and again. Choosing a sailing Turkey holiday means that you get to see all the must-visit attractions and areas all in one break – perfect!


One of the best things about travelling by boat along Turkey’s breathtaking coast is being able to get away from the crowds. Yes, there is much to enjoy in the hustle and bustle of some of the country’s more populated areas, but there is something truly exciting about finding some of the more secluded sections of the coast. Here you can relax in perfect peace and tranquillity before taking a dip in the warming waters and then returning to your own boat.

And when you are on the water, you will be struck by the awe-inspiring views this way of travelling affords. The Turkish coast offers some wonderfully dramatic views, from naturally formed features to the famed stone tombs carved into the rock faces. There is no better way to take them in from the deck of a yacht.

Not only that, a sailing break allows you to visit the best places on shore too, from big cities to quaint villages. So, if Turkey is your destination of choice, then a holiday on the seas is definitely the way to go.

Sailing Turkey for summer holidays with a difference - Hanging out on the waves

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