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The Caribbean Is Calling: Why Choose Antigua For Your Caribbean Holiday?

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 14, 2019

The Caribbean evokes in all minds the essence of paradise; thoughts of palms, beaches, cocktails, turquoise waters, island vibes, and ultimate relaxation dance through the imagination.

Yet there’s one island that captures everything you imagine a sailing holiday in the Caribbean to be like and much more — Antigua.

Sailing Antigua is an adventure you will never forget, allowing you to experience aspects of this truly magical and idyllic sun-soaked island you won’t be able to have by land.

What’s got us raving about it so much?

We could gush for ages telling you our reasons to love this island, but here are our top 3 reasons why you should choose Antigua for your sailing holiday!

1. A Beach For Every Day of the Year

Not many other islands can boast a beach for every day of the year, and Antigua has just that. You could spend weeks exploring the island and never come across the same beach twice if you didn’t want to!

But they aren’t just your basic beaches either, these pack some serious “Oooh Ahh” factor to them. From shimmering soft white-sand beaches, to prime snorkel spots around sandy coves, and even remote beaches only accessible by sea — here’s a round-up of our favs!

Jolly Beach

As the name implies, this beach will bring out all the happiness in you! Located just a short walk from where you jump aboard with MedSailors, this long beautiful stretch of sand is one of the most breathtaking spots to catch an unhindered sunset over the water. Grab a piña colada, dig your toes into the sand, and look out for a green flash!

Half Moon Bay

3,200 feet of soft and colorful coral sand awaits! Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, this crescent moon-shaped beach takes the chill factor to 100% and is our favourite to throw a towel down, soak in some rays, and read a good book.

St. James Resort

One stop on the MedSailors Caribbean route that is packed with activities. Along the pristine palm-lined beach you’ll find sea-kayaks and water sports galore, and ample space to relax the day away in a beach bungalow.

And the best part of St. James beach? Because you’re with MedSailors, you can use all the resort goodies for free!

Pigeon Beach

This beach features something solely unique to the experience sailing with Medsailors in Antigua — our epic Pigeon Beach BBQ!

Along this ravishing coastline near English Harbour, grab a rum punch and chill out on the warm sand with your crew as the embers rise high and the scents of mouth-watering Caribbean food hit your nose. Here we spend the evening feasting on Caribbean BBQ cooked up by one of Antigua best restaurants. Perfection if you ask us!

2. The Sea Life is Next Level Awesome

Home to an abundance of sea life, sailing around Antigua gives you heaps of possibilities to leave out those ‘unda da sea’ fantasies.

With beautiful coral reefs, vast mangroves, and stunning bays to explore from the yacht, this is underwater heaven for all of us #oceansouls.

Stingray City

One of the most amazing activities to take part in is swimming with stingrays! During the week, you’ll stop off at stingray city, an open-sea area that stingray flock to so you can snorkel with them and even feed them. And don’t worry, these cute undersea creatures are super friendly and an afternoon swimming around with them will be unforgettable.


Calling all turtle lovers! All around Antigua’s beautiful coast, it’s not uncommon to come across green turtles, leatherback, and hawksbill while swimming around a bay.

Jump off the catamaran and snorkel around the reefs to spot lobster, starfish, eel, and octopus tucked into the colourful coral and rocks, along with an array of vibrant fish like angelfish and pufferfish.

Off the Bow

Keep your eyes peeled while sailing! There is nothing more majestic than relaxing on your yacht as the wind fills the sails carrying you through that bright cerulean water and suddenly spotting dolphins playing off the bow.

Also, during the MedSailors Antigua season, humpback whales migrate through the waters around the island, and it’s even possible to catch a sighting of an orca or two!

3. Sights, Sounds, Tastes

From steel drum nights, to beach shack bars, and mouth-watering Caribbean foods — Antigua has everything to satisfy all of your senses

Lobster on the Beach

One of our absolute favorite spots to get the true taste of Antigua! The lovely bar patron Peaches at Beach Bum Bar in Half Moon Bay slings out the best fish caught lobster you’ll ever have, doused in her famous garlic butter. Devour this decadent dish sitting right on the beach under the palms.

Shirley Heights Drum Night

Soak in the island vibes and lively music in one of Antigua’s most breathtaking viewpoints. Shirley Heights overlooks English Harbour for all the dancing you can handle to reggae and their famous steel drum band. Grab a rum punch and catch the incredible pastel sunsets with your mates to cap off the amazing week.

Ready to answer the call of Antigua’s paradise? Book your MedSailors Caribbean sailing adventure today!

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