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The thrill of Sailing Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

Sailing Greece is a thrilling adventure for the enthusiastic and experienced sailor or the curious beginner. The Greece coastline is long, and it is covered with more than 3000 thousand islands for the tourist to explore. The scenery surrounding the islands is breathtaking. Making them just the ideal place to visit with friends, and family for a vacation. For honeymooners, sailing Greece makes a terrific rendezvous that will make one fall in love again.

Greece has a myriad of places for tourists to explore while sailing. The rich history that the country has has made it a significant cultural tourist destination for many people around the world. Everybody wants to visit the land of the gods. One can either choose to explore the land by road or sea. Sailing Greece is preferred by many people because of the favorable weather that Greece offers.  It offers long sailing seasons between April and September. During this time, the waters are calm with just enough wind to sail. The warm weather also makes it excellent for stopping for a swim in the midst of a cruise.

One can choose to use a yacht or catamaran to do sailing Greece. There are many options available for those interested in sailing the Greek waters. Yachts are more popular, and they come in different sizes and types depending on how much one is willing to spend. The Greece islands are unique, exquisite and a tourist haven. They come in groups and alone each offering a new adventure for the tourists. Sailing Greece also means sampling the sumptuous cuisines that are made in the islands. Some of the islands have people living on them. This offers the tourist the privilege of experiencing Greek culture on their visit.

The tour companies have come up with packages that are suitable for everyone. There are luxurious yachts, which are private and exclusively suited for one who wants VIP treatment. There are also packages that are cheaper that are available to share with a group. One can choose to hire a crew or sail on their own if they are qualified sailors. Sailing Greece is an experience not worth missing. Some of the places to visit include; The Saronic Gulf islands & the Peloponese coast found in Athens and the Ionian Islands. In addition, the people of Greece are friendly, hospitable and have a vibrant social life that makes the whole experience memorable.

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