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Things to Do in Hvar on a Croatia Sailing Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 06, 2013

Hvar - Croatia Holidays

Found just off the Dalmatian Coast and at the centre of Adriatic sailing routes, Hvar has long enjoyed both historic and recreational importance and to this day remains a Croatia sailing fixture. As a result, the island has a lot to offer any visitor to its shores.

Hvar Fortress
Perched upon hillside overlooking Hvar Town, Hvar Fortress is one sight in the city that cannot be missed, even if you want to! The structure, along with the adjoining city walls, sits in an eye-catching position and gives the town’s steep inclines a unique silhouette that will intrigue any traveller – culture vulture or not. Dating from the early 16th Century, the fortress is host to some of the best historic artefacts and objects on the island and, if this is not quite your cup of tea, a visit to the fortress is worthwhile simply for the amazing views it affords!

Pakleni Islands
Although not technically on the island, no visit to Hvar would be complete without a quick trip to the Pakleni (or Paklinski) Islands. Lying just off Hvar’s southwest coast, the Pakleni Islands stand out like emeralds against the bright blue Adriatic waters, covered with bright green pines that give the islands their name. While there are small settlements to be visited, the major draw of the small island chain is in its natural beauty, from beaches to rolling hilltops. With these attractions perfectly balanced by excellent restaurants and night time drinking spots, it would be a mistake to overlook the Pakleni Islands on any Croatia sailing holiday.

Meanwhile, Hvar island itself has a wide range of seaside offerings, one of the most beautiful of which is Dubovica. Found 8 kilometres to the east of Hvar Town, Dubovica is the most picturesque of coves, sporting a pretty pebble beach and underwater scenery that makes snorkelling or diving in the area a must. Far from the noise and busy nights of the city, Dubovica is the ideal escape on any Croatian holiday.

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