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Thrill-Seeking on a Turkey Sailing Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 17, 2016

Turkey’s perfect mix of European and Asian cultures makes it an exciting and vibrant place to visit. But in addition to all it has to offer in terms of nightlife, history and tradition, a Turkey sailing trip also provides the opportunity to try some truly exhilarating activities. So if you feel brave enough, why not consider one of the following?

Swim in Turkey's refreshing seas - MedSailors

Situated in the lively city of Fethiye on the west coast of Turkey, Oludeniz Beach has long been a popular tourist destination. The gleaming pebbles of the beach and the sparkling blue of the sea make this one of the most photographed parts of Turkey, but as much as it is famed for its beauty, it is also known for something else: paragliding. If you have the courage to face the stomach-lurching start to this activity, you will be well rewarded, as the views it offers are unparalleled.

Another must-try for thrill-seekers is the magic of Coldwater Bay. It may seem odd to encourage taking a dip in anything less than the warmest seas of the Med when planning a sailing break, but the refreshing waters of this particular bay are something special.

From something adrenaline-pumping to something truly reinvigorating, Turkey has it all.

Sun sea and activities on Turkey sailing holidays - MedSailors

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