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Tick Off These 7 Bucket List Worthy Activities In Turkey

By MedSailors Crew
on  May 03, 2018

If going to Turkey aboard a yacht, seeing some impressive sights, chilling out, soaking in some sunshine and ticking a bunch of things off your bucket list sounds like a good idea, a MedSailors sailing holiday is definitely going to float your boat. Really bad puns aside (sorry not sorry) here are a few things you could choose to get up to on your next Turkey Sailing extravaganza.

Waterborne activities on a Turkey sailing trip - Dive into the deep blue sea

Paraglide Over Oludeniz Beach on your MedSailors Sailing Holiday

Kicking things off with something sure to get your adrenaline pumping, embarking on a paragliding adventure over one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in the world is more than worthy of a place on your bucket list. Let’s just say that if you think Turkey looks stunning from the ground, just wait until you see what it’s like from above!

Experience a Traditional Turkish Bath in Fethiye

Well, you can’t go to Turkey and not experience a traditional hammam. Seriously, you’ll probably have never felt quite as clean or relaxed as you will after a Turkish bath.

Explore Ancient Lycian Tombs on your Turkey Sailing Adventure

Carved into the mountainside so their honoured dead could be carried to the afterlife by winged sirens or angels, these 4th-century tombs are intricate, steeped in grandeur and utterly extraordinary.

Snorkel in Turkey’s Famous Blue Cave

A quick google image search throws up some uh-mazing pictures and we can confirm that the blue cave is even more impressive in real life. No lie!

Soak in Views of the Awesome Saklikent Gorge

This 20km-long gorge is one of the deepest canyons in the world. As well as providing some epic views, you can also swim in a filtered river water pool and navigate the gently flowing river in a rubber ring raft. There are also mud baths, boutique shops, and a place to buy some pretty delicious ice cream!

Wander Through the Deserted “Ghost Town” of Kayaköy

Don’t panic though, this experience will be less horror movie and more just super intriguing.

See the sights of Turkey - Sailing holidays for explorers

Ready to explore Turkey in a unique and unforgettable way? Book your MedSailors Turkey sailing holiday today!

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