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Time for a Croatia Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

Everybody needs a break at some point in life. A Croatia holiday is an excellent choice because of the many activities that one can engage in like sailing Croatia. Croatia islands display art, local tradition and ancient history.  Archaeologists usually choose a Croatia holiday that involves visiting Dubrovnik and Elafiti because of their outstanding cliffs, caves, rocks and coves. Their inhabitants live in traditionally built stone houses that date back to thousands of years ago.  Emerald islands such as Lopud and Sipan can be accessed on foot or a bike. Sipan Island is known for its breathtaking landscapes and castles. It is also possible to notice a monastery and understand the local religion of the Croats.

Other people like a Croatia holiday because of the water activities that they can engage in. Croatia boasts of warm weather that is suitable for swimming and fishing for tunas. The beautiful sun and sand beaches offer an exciting time to relax and enjoy. A variety of hidden beaches in Croatia provide an excellent opportunity for a beach party or picnic. One can also go kayaking where they will see a spectacular view of dolphins in the sea. Kolocep Island offers the best kayaking experience.

Local travel agencies often come up with an itinerary for daily events to allow their guests enjoy their Croatia holiday. Clients usually book their holiday in advance, but there are exceptional cases where the owners can accept late booking. Yachts are generally large and extremely comfortable. After a rest, the team usually anchors at a bay, to allow guests an opportunity to swim and take short walks on the island. In the evening, the tourists enjoy a variety of sea foods and local wines as they dance to Croatian music. Later, they can enjoy a swim or read a book under the starry sky. One can visit the national parks to make their Croatia holiday fun-filled and exciting. The Mljet national park offers a spectacular view of salt water lakes and a monastery, a place reserved for worship in the fourteenth century.

Croatia boasts of incredible vineyards in Trstenik. Lovers of wine will get an opportunity to sample the famous Croatian wines that can also be bought at discounted prices and taken home. Guests will eventually enjoy a day or two at one of the waterfront guesthouses. Here, they can choose an activity such as visiting a restaurant to eat Croatian cuisines. Dubrovnik is a famous area that people love exploring after which guests can be taken back to the airport for a safe trip back home.

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