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Top 7 Things To Do When Visiting Fethiye

By Alicia Sharp
on  March 05, 2020

The coastal town of Fethiye may be a lesser-known place to visit in Turkey, but it certainly has some of the most stunning scenery and impressive historical landmarks. Alongside delicious Turkish seafood, friendly locals and, of course, picture-perfect beaches, it’s truly a wonderful and magical place to visit.

Luckily, we have put together a list of top attractions for you to get thoroughly immersed in the charm of Feithye while on your Turkey sailing getaway. The Mediterranean coast is sure to lure you in with its natural beauty.

1. Visit The Lycian Rock Tombs

One of the top attractions and symbol of Feithye is the tomb of Amyntas. Climb up to the tombs which are carved into the rock face. Discover the history of these tombs and experience the incredible view that overlooks the marina.

Lycian Rock Tombs with MedSailors

2. Explore the ghost town of Kayaköy

Only a short distance from Feithye is the ghost town of Kayakoy, a UNESCO World Friendship and Peace Village. Back in the 19th century, it was a thriving mixed community of Greeks and Turks. Uncover what happened and why it became deserted as you wander through empty archaeological buildings that are still untouched today. 

3. Walk through Saklikent Gorge

Also located just outside the city of Fethiye, this natural beauty wins the hearts of many travellers each year. At 300m deep and 18km long it’s Turkey’s largest and deepest canyon. Visitors can walk through the canyon and experience the change of scenery as they walk through refreshing streams, beautiful waterfalls, and incredible rock formations.

Saklikent Gorge with MedSailors

4. Swim in Turkey’s Blue Lagoon 

For those looking to relax rather than to explore, a visit to Turkey’s ‘Blue Lagoon’ is an absolute must. Ölüdeniz is only a 20 minute drive from Feithye and is one of the most photographed beaches in Turkey because of its stunning turquoise waters. Rent a deck chair and enjoy the sun and the beautiful calm waters of Ölüdeniz.

5. Paraglide from Mount Babadag

A great way to see the gorgeous Ölüdeniz bay is from above. Paragliding from Mount Babadag is a truly unforgettable experience for those daring to try. You’ll get to soar high above the cliffs with the wind in your hair as you gently float towards the coast. The views of the stunning mediterranean sea are second to none and absolutely worth every penny. 

Paragliding in Turkey with MedSailors

6. Fethiye Museum

This incredible Museum is not to be missed. Located in the centre of town, you’ll need just an hour or so to explore it. Exhibits include Lycian artifacts from the Bronze all the way to the Roman ages. The added bonus is there’s quite a few pieces that have been found in the Fethiye region.

7. The Local Markets

Fethiye is filled with markets so much so that there is a different one every day of the week. These markets are filled with all kinds of spices, fresh fruit, and vegetables. With the biggest market happening on Tuesdays, it is catered towards tourists. At this market, you’ll not only find fresh produce but also textiles and clothing stalls. Take your time to wander around as you take in the wonderful atmosphere.

Fancy exploring Feithye with MedSailors this summer? Join us on an unforgettable sailing holiday in Turkey.

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