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Top Dubrovnik Attractions to See While Sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 16, 2014

See Dubrovnik Via Sailing Croatia

With a history that stretches back to the 7th century, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Dubrovnik is one of the most fascinating ports of the Adriatic. It boasts a fantastic array of sights to be seen, from the famed city walls to the 17th-century cathedral.

City Walls
Dubrovnik’s city walls are something that, quite literally, cannot be missed and are one of the first sights to greet travellers stopping off whilst sailing Croatia. The walls, which were built in the 14th century and on average stand at 24 metres high and six metres thick, form a full circuit around the town, allowing for ever-changing scenic views and fantastic photo opportunities.

Rector’s Palace and City Museum
Built originally in the 15th century, the Rector’s Palace was where the Rector resided during the Republic of Ragusa, as well as housing the council’s meeting rooms, armoury and even a dungeon. Today, these rooms have been turned into the City Museum, with exhibits of costumes, period furniture and Ragusan paintings.

The green dome of the town’s cathedral rises above the rooftops and makes an eye-catching addition to the cityscape. The interior is no less arresting and visitors can see the gold and silver relics in the Treasury and ogle Titan’s masterpiece, The Assumption of Our Lady. The centrepiece of the cathedral, however, is the skull of St Blaise in its bejewelled crown and the remnants of the True Cross – the one where Jesus Christ himself is said to have died.

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