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The Art Of The Traditional Turkish Mezze

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 06, 2018

It’s not being overly dramatic to say that Turkish mezze is a literal art from that we’re truly #blessed to have in our lives. Here’s how to make sure a magical mezze experience is on the cards for you on your next MedSailors sailing holiday.

Remember, Bread is NOT the Star of the Show

Bread is for sure one of the best things ever invented but it’s important to think of this fluffy staple as the best support act you’ve ever seen. Don’t scoff every piece in sight before you’ve even had the chance to look at anything else. Turkish bread is the real deal, but it shouldn’t be the star of your mezze show.

Dip 101

Hummus is amazing, but you’re definitely not going to want to overlook the array of other blended and mashed mixtures on offer. Look out for the beetroot and yogurt, and the white bean varieties in particular.

Turkish Mezze in Turkey

Be a Culinary Risk-Taker on your MedSailors Sailing Holiday

Tempted to try something completely new? We’ve got two words for you: eat it! You’re already having the actual time of your life sailing in Turkey and stepping outside your culinary comfort zone is one of the things that’s going to make your trip extra unforgettably special. Also, every dish is amazing so you might as well tbh.

When in Doubt, More is More

At its heart, mezze is all about connecting with your dining pals over some seriously delish food. The ultimate laid-back dining experience, taking your time is always encouraged and if you’ve already made your way through all the plates on your table, don’t hesitate to order a few more dishes and keep that conversation flowing.

Mezze in Turkey

Fancy a Tipple While Sailing in Turkey?

Well, you’re in luck because no mezze is ever totally complete without trying sampling some arak. A bit like the grappa you might have sampled in Greece or Italy, arak is best enjoyed in slow sips. Order mid-mezze or with a plate of cheese or fruit as your dining extravaganza is drawing to a close.

Ready to dig into the delicious Turkish traditional dishes? Book MedSailors Turkey and bring your appetite!

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