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Try Something New in Turkey

By MedSailors Crew
on  April 29, 2016

As much as learning about how to control a boat is enough of an experience on any sailing Turkey holiday, some people are always after a little more.

And a sailing break, where you are encouraged to visit new places and try new things each and every day, is perhaps the perfect opportunity to make the most of those experiences that simply don’t come around that often – experiences such as paragliding.


Although similar to both handgliding and parasailing, paragliding is in a league of its own. And as long as the conditions are right and you have had the correct training and instructions – available from experts across Turkey – it can be a really liberating experience. Sitting in a secure harness attached to a flexible fabric wing – it is from here that Turkey’s beauty can be admired in a way like no other.


Not only that, but paragliding is remarkably comfortable. Unlike an extreme sport such as parachuting, where the harness is strapped tightly around some of the body’s most precious parts, paragliding allows you to sit in a support which is more like a comfortable chair. So whilst you are admiring the sights, you really do have the best seat in the house!

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