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Turkey Sailing And Discovering All Fethiye Has To Offer

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 10, 2017

Turkey is full of wonderful places to explore, and one of the best locations to soak up some true Turkish culture is Fethiye.

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The perfect stopping point on any Turkey sailing adventure, Fethiye is a town packed with character. Whatever you are in the mood for, Fethiye delivers. From the best in Turkish food and drink to fascinating history and a range of shopping opportunities, this town offers everything wrapped up in the warm hospitality that is indicative of this part of the world.

In addition to this, Fethiye is the perfect place to relax in. There is an abundance of beautiful natural features, from stunning mountains to golden beaches, meaning you can sit back and enjoy an amazing backdrop before returning to your boat.

One of the biggest draws of Fethiye is the buzzing nightlife that this area offers. From upmarket bars where you can enjoy pre-dinner drinks to fantastic live music in the Kayakoy area of the town, the atmosphere after dark is something that will live long in the memory.

So if you are looking for somewhere that mixes the traditional with the modern in the most wonderful way, look no further than Fethiye.

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