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Turkey Sailing Highlights: The Wonders of Fethiye

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 07, 2015

Turkey is a fantastic country to visit, and an especially good destination for a sailing holiday. There are so many highlights to a Turkey sailing holiday that it can seem like the whole holiday is just one big high point. However, one destination that really stands out is Fethiye. A relatively small but extremely lively town, it has many wonderful things to offer.

The ancient city of Telmessos, once the largest in the region, was located on the site where Fethiye now stands. The old city has not disappeared without a trace. It has left its mark on the area in the form of ruins and statues. Adventurous types and history lovers can explore the city and discover traces of the ancient wonders that could once be found there.

Oludeniz Beach
Oludeniz beach is famous as one of the finest beaches in Turkey or just about anywhere. It is especially famous as a wonderful place for paragliding. Whether you want to simply relax on the welcoming sands, dip into the warm waters, or soar high above and admire the view for miles around, you are sure to find something to enjoy on this exceptional stretch of coast.

Fish Markets
One thing is true of almost all coastal towns the world over; they offer fantastic seafood thanks to the abundance of fresh and high-quality ingredients. Fethiye is home to some fantastic fish markets, where you can pick up a truly delicious feast. The markets also offer a fascinating cultural experience as you immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of traditional market commerce.

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