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Turkey’s Best Breakfast Foods

By MedSailors Crew
on  October 04, 2017

We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day (we reckon they’re all important but, y’know, breakfast IS pretty great!) and you’ll be pleased to hear that a Turkish breakfast is filling, varied, and incredibly delicious! Here are just a few breakfast treats you can look forward to tucking into on your MedSailors Turkey sailing trip.

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Freshly Baked Bread

If you love baked goods, you’re going to LOVE Turkey. Bread is pretty much a staple accompaniment to every meal, and while it’s certainly not the star of the show (yes, it gets even better!), it’s delicious with spreads or as a way to mop up sauces and really make the most of those traditional Turkish flavours.

Enjoy Sweet Kaymak on Your MedSailors Turkey Adventure

Comprising of a rich clotted cream and a sweet, flavourful honey, kaymak is unbelievably delicious and pretty addictive. Spread them together on freshly baked bread and you’re in for a sweet treat that feels both utterly indulgent and like it’s setting you up for a brilliant day ahead.

Relish Warm Gozleme at Every Opportunity

A little bit like a rich, savoury crepe, gozleme are made over a high heat and filled with a variety of delicious concoctions, usually including a combination of fresh vegetables and gooey melty cheeses.

Tuck into Spicy Menemen on your Sailing Trip

Get ready for the best scrambled eggs of your entire life. Made with a base of onions, peppers and tomatoes, Turkish scrambled eggs are full of flavour, hearty, and simply irresistible. You’ve probably been making your own scrambles at home for years, but let’s just say you’ll never make them in the same way again after tasting them the Turkish way.

A Perfect Platter of Fresh Produce

A classic Turkish breakfast is called kahvalti. It comprises of an array of flavours to be enjoyed in small amounts and features black and green olives, fresh cheeses such as kashkaval and feta, fruity preserves, honey, that fresh bread we were telling you about and, of course, an abundance of just-brewed black tea!

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