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MedSailors Recommends Tzoumerka: great addition to your Greek sailing tour

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 10, 2012
Idyllic Greek Holiday Spot Tzoumerka

Image courtesy of Virtual Tourist

Possibly one of the least known destinations in Greece, Tzoumerka offers a panorama of steep mountain villages and breathtaking gorges. These villages possess an edge-of-the-world feeling, making it hard to believe it is merely a five-hour car journey from Athens, perfect for adding to your Greek sailing tour.

Built like an eagle’s nest on the imposing Tzoumerka mountain range, the Tzoumerka villages contain beautiful stone mansions and centuries-old churches and monasteries. The areas biggest draws- apart from aforementioned ancient buildings, spectacular views and snow-capped mountain ranges, are the Roman and Byzantine-era bridges. These include the famous Plaka Bridge (the Balkans’ biggest one-arch bridge) and the Bridges of Papastathis and Politsa. These marvels remain largely undiscovered by tourists- so much so that I couldn’t find an image that matches the beauty of these bridges I could use here to show you!

For adventure seekers, this region is considered one of Greece’s best rafting destinations, with rapids on the Arachthos River, graded 3 to 5, as well as mountain bike action galore along the impressive gorges and ridges of this mountainous region.

The area holds a centuries-old silversmith tradition, and a splendid example of the craft can be found in many villages, and has given rise to one of the fashion world’s most notable jewellers: in 1877, local jeweller Sotirios Bulgaris moved to Italy, where he founded the Bulgari company, enough said!

Here at MedSailors we want to make sure you have the opportunity to explore the best parts of Greece, both on your sailing holiday and any other regions you decide to visit. Tzoumerka is just this, and this hidden gem of Greece will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Image courtesy of Virtual Tourist

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