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Visiting Greece versus sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 22, 2014

Everyone loves Greece. Most people who visit this ancient land of legend and lore feel a compulsive need to go back. And partly because Greece is so diverse, with its range of islands all offering different things to do and see, you feel as though you are taking a new holiday every time. But those who are wise to the ways of holidaymaking have discovered a new way to get their Grecian fix – and that’s by sailing in Greece. Did you know you can charter a boat and sail around the Greek islands? If you didn’t know, then you’ve been missing out.


Explore the beauty of Rhodes, with the winding streets of Lindos forbidden to traffic, and the fortressed walls of Rhodes Town dating back to the Knights of St John. Stop off at Crete, land of the Greek gods, and visit the labyrinth at Minos, home to the fabled minotaur. Or take a trip to Symi, the tiniest of the islands and probably the best place to soak up Greek life as it really is. And wherever you go, you will be met with a friendly welcome from the locals and a range of tavernas offering Greek food and drink to suit every visitor.

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