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Visiting Perdika’s Camera Obscura on a Greece Sailing Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  July 31, 2013

Camera Obscura - Sailign Greek Islands
On any Greece sailing tour, the first port of call after leaving the capital Athens is usually the small island village of Perdika. This tiny settlement, found on the island of Aegina, is a fantastic place to begin your sailing journey, encompassing all the best in Greek culture and coastal life.

Perdika boasts beaches, bars and restaurants extensive enough to make the village a worthwhile spot to visit; you can while away the hours over a long Greek lunch, so filling your day poses no problem at all!

Perdika also has a variety of unique attractions on its books, most famously the Camera Obscura. Built in 2003, as part of the Light and Image exhibit taking place at the time, the Camera Obscura is a one of a kind construction and is found on the peninsula directly across from Perdika Harbour.

Demonstrating the law of optics on a grand scale and modelled around the ancient photography technique after which it is named, the Camera Obscura is a large cylindrical house with 12 openings built in all hemispheric directions. The only light to enter the space does so through these 12 holes and in doing so, produces a 360 degree panorama of the world outside.

The images, which appear inverted and upside down, are projected onto a circular screen in the centre of the room and make Perdika’s Camera Obscura not only the first one to be built in Greece, but the only one in the entire world to offer a full 360 degree view. With free entry available to everyone, it is one exclusive sight that should not be missed.

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