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Why Choose A Sailing Holiday in the Turkish Riviera?

By MedSailors Crew
on  July 22, 2013

Turkey Sailing Spots

Sailing holidays are all about answering the call for adventure and they offer a freedom that other types of breaks cannot offer. Whether hitting the open seas or hopping from port to port, each experience on a sailing tour is different.

Naturally, with the world as your oyster on a sailing holiday, there are endless choices when it comes to where to go and what to see. Few places, however, can beat the beauty and culture found along the Turkish Riviera.

The Turkish Riviera, or the Turquoise Coast as it is also known, spans Turkey’s southwest coast from Cesme to Alanya. Located on what is perhaps the most stunning stretch of Mediterranean and Aegean coastline to be had, visitors are spoilt for choice as to what to see and do, making it an all round winner, whatever you are looking for.

The warm waters and balmy climate are ideal for anyone looking for a relaxed beach holiday and the beaches themselves certainly do not disappoint. Some of the nation’s best sandy spots lie on this stretch, including Cirali, Kapi Creek and the world famous Patra Beach, renowned for its endangered loggerhead turtles.

Alongside these beaches lie some of the most intriguing historical spots in the Mediterranean, ranging from the ancient sites of Letoon and Xanthos to the ghost town of Kayakoy. The area is also home to two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus and Halicarnassus’ Mausoleum of Maussollos.

Naturally, no holiday would be complete without somewhere to moor the boat and enjoy the local culture and nightlife and there are plenty of places to choose on the Turkish Riviera. Fethiye is without a doubt one of the busiest ports around, complete with everything from local markets to a fantastic range of bars and restaurants overlooking the harbour. Smaller, nearby spots such as Kas and Kalkan are no less appealing, with all the modern amenities available in the most picturesque and traditional of settings.

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