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Why is Sailing Croatia so Popular?

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 24, 2014

Until recently, Croatia was not high on the list of must-see holiday destinations for many people. But it is now an increasingly popular choice for holidaymakers and is an especially attractive option for boating enthusiasts or those who want to try sailing. So, why the increase in popularity?

Medsailors-Croatia-Sailing Holiday
A Stunning Coast
Croatia’s Mediterranean coastline used to be in the shadow of other destinations such as Greece, which was a pity as the Croatian coastline is easily in the same league. Recently however, people started to realise what they were missing and Croatia’s stunning scenery, wonderful beaches and a large number of islands have made it a must-see destination, especially for sailing.

The city of Dubrovnik alone is a fantastic reason to sail around the Croatian coast. With its distinctive architecture, unique old-world charm and sunny seaside location, the city is a truly extraordinary place to visit. It is little wonder that it was chosen as the site of the spectacular fictional fantasy city of Kings Landing for the TV series Game of Thrones.

Medsailors-Croatia-Dubrovnik View Sailing
A Varied Destination
Croatia has many islands, and each has its own distinct character. No two islands are alike, and none are quite like the mainland either. Many also have their own unique scenery, as well as attractions such as scenic towns or spectacular natural landscapes. More and more people are discovering this rich diversity, along with the fact that sailing Croatia gives them the opportunity to experience a range of islands as well as the mainland for a complete Croatian experience.

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