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Why Sailing in Greece Makes a Great Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  October 24, 2014

Sailing is a wonderful and unique way to relax and experience a holiday destination, and Greece is an especially fantastic place to choose. There are countless reasons you may wish to spend your holiday sailing in Greece . The full list could probably fill a book, but here are a few key, stand-out reasons to choose Greece for a sailing holiday.

The Mediterranean Sea

There is a reason the Mediterranean is a popular destination for beach holidays. The blue, sparkling waters are clean and warm thanks to the rich glow of the Mediterranean sun. This is bordered by sunbaked, golden beaches which are plentiful around the Greek coastlines, thanks to the fact that it the mainland is complemented by a number of islands. Sailing in Greece provides you with a wonderful way to take advantage of this, quite different from a standard beach holiday.

Unique Islands

Greece has a number of islands which are popular with holidaymakers, and each one has its own unique character. On a sailing holiday, you get the opportunity to easily experience many different islands and appreciate what makes each one unique. Any other type of holiday would require you to keep packing up your belongings to travel between islands, but sailing allows you to move between locations much more comfortably and easily.

Plenty to Experience

Few countries have as many different attractions on offer as Greece. The wonderful beaches mentioned above, the delicious cuisine, and one of the world’s richest treasure troves of historic sites are just a few stand-out examples. There is a lot to experience in Greece, and sailing is a great way to enjoy the varied attractions found throughout the country.

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