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Complete Xmas Gift guide for your sailing trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 28, 2012

Many of you are finalising your MedSailors sailing holidays before the end of the year Christmas madness, and we applaud you! Not only have you secured a spot on one of our hot 2013 sailing trips in Greece or Croatia, you are also getting the opportunity to add one of these sailing trip must have items to your Xmas wish list!

Guest Snaps Photographer On MedSailors Sailing Holiday

The amount of unforgettable moments on your sailing trip can become overwhelming. The best way to process this plethora of imagery and senses overload is to snap away. The scenic beauty will give you ample opportunity to practise your landscape photography skills, while your friends will provide you with the chance to capture your memories.

Guests Relax And Sunbathe In Warm Med Sun On Sailing Holiday
Huge fluffy towel


For those lazy times sunbathing on the yacht deck. And when you get out of the crisp sea for the tenth time that day being enveloped by a towel, warm from baking in the sun, will be all the comfort you need!

MedSailors Guests Uses Kindle To Relax On Sailing Holiday
Kindle Fire


Reading is a perfect accompaniment to the more relaxed afternoons on your sailing holiday. Of course, if reading isn’t your thing, the new Kindle Fire has the ability to host your HD movies, magazines and your music library- the all-in-one multimedia chillaxing aid.

Guests Dance to Their Music On Sailing Holiday


To be realistic, most of us already have an iPod. The next best thing is to start stocking up on iTunes vouchers so you can ensure you have the latest summer tunes on your iPod when your sailing holiday rolls around! Don’t forget MedSailors yachts have been adapted to allow guests to use its music system whenever they want, so you can rock out to your own mix!

Guests Enjoy Water of Med While On Sailing Holiday
Dry bag


To keep al your high-tech gadgets safe when you are enjoying your sailing holiday in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean! And for the adventurous at heart, your future travels will benefit from the piece of mind this bit of nylon sack will afford you, knowing your expensive valuables are high and dry!




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