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Sicily Route



  • Hire a Vespa or buggy on Lipari and Salina
  • The best of Italian cuisine, from pasta to freshly caught seafood
  • Hike to the top of an active volcano
  • Snorkel the clearest water in the Med
  • Go wine tasting in Salina – famous for the Malvasia grape
  • Mud baths and hot springs on Vulcano Island
  • Panarea’s laid back nightlife and striking sunsets
  • Daily swim stops in the Aeolian Sea

What’s Included

  • Seven days’ accommodation on board your own yacht
  • Breakfast and lunch prepared fresh every day
  • BYO: bring your own drinks and snacks onboard
  • Drinking water supplied by MedSailors
  • Learn how to sail with your qualified skipper
  • Hire your own yacht with friends or book as a solo traveller or couple
  • Paddleboards free of charge



medsailors sicily portorosa marina



Perfectly placed to begin your Aeolian adventure, Portarosa has everything you need to get your adventure off to the right start. We kick our adventure off with a punch party and a Sicilian feast, enjoy a refreshing swim at the nearby beach and take in the stunning scenery as you settle on your yacht and mingle with your fellow sailors.

medsailors sicily portorosa marina


LIPARI – Day 2

A trip around the island by scooter lets you explore the whitewashed villages and admire the breath-taking views of the other islands. Cast a last glimpse at the smouldering peaks of this UNESCO Heritage listed archipelago and celebrate the best of Italy with your crew.

medsailors sicily lipari old town
medsailors sicily lipari sup
medsailors sicily lipari sailing
medsailors sicily lipari scooters
medsailors sicily panarea view



The most beautiful of the Aeolian Islands, Panarea impresses on every level. Popular amongst the yachting elite, expect delicious seafood, boutique shops and the perfect setting for sunset cocktails. A short ride away is Cala Junco, a secluded bay ideally situated for a tranquil afternoon, and nearby Lisca Bianca’s multi coloured rocky shores offer hidden coves and bubbling sea springs.

medsailors sicily panarea view
medsailors sicily panarea party
medsailors sicily panarea beautiful bay
medsailors sicily panarea wine


SALINA – Day 4

Instantly recognisable by its twin peaks, Salina is a green, fertile island that is famous for the production of the local sweet wine Malvasia. Wind your way around the lush landscape on a scooter to sample the local vintage, before heading back to town for a signature Italian treat, refreshing granita. At sunset you can admire the view towards smouldering Stromboli in the distance.

medsailors sicily salina view
medsailors sicily salina scooter fun
medsailors sicily salina wine tasting
medsailors sicily salina swimming buddies
medsailors sicily stromboli island



Early morning we make our way to the most active volcano in Europe. Pack your hiking shoes to join a tour to the tip of the crater, the gentle rumbling beneath your feet hinting at what lies beneath. Sunset invites the full spectacle, with bursts of lava on show! For the less adventurous, secluded sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are ideal for snorkelling.

medsailors sicily stromboli island
medsailors sicily stromboli snorkelling
medsailors sicily stromboli volcano lava
medsailors sicily stromboli sailing



The first of two active volcanoes we encounter on this trip, Vulcano is well known for its sulphur rich mud baths and smoking fumaroles. The lunar landscape echoes the last eruption in 1890, with soft black sand beaches dotted around the shore. Walk up to the main crater and witness the astonishing views to the sea.

medsailors sicily vulcano island
medsailors sicily vulcano skipper view
medsailors sicily vulcano sunbathing top deck
medsailors sicily vulcano sup race
medsailors sicily portorosa marina aerial



After a slow start and a refreshing swim, we will head to a secluded bay for a last snorkel and delicious lunch. Arriving in Portarosa at a leisurely pace, you will leave your yacht with happy memories and ready to explore mainland Sicily – from glorious Mount Etna to historic and picturesque Palermo.

medsailors sicily portorosa marina aerial
medsailors sicily portorosa sup
medsailors sicily portorosa sailing
medsailors sicily portorosa home time


Jump on board

Our modern sailing boats, skippered by professional sailors, give you the full-on, authentic sailing experience.

Our yachts are modern sailing boats, which means they use the wind to move – giving you the full-on, authentic sailing experience. And it will be skippered by a fully qualified, professional sailor. If you wish, they will be happy to teach you how to sail during your holiday!


Classic sailing boats launched before 2014, all the comforts you need for your holiday.

Our well-appointed Premier yachts are classic cruisers that offer all the comforts you could expect. Launched between 2003 and 2013 they feature big sunbathing decks, swimming platforms and above deck dining areas.

Premier Plus

Sleek and modern design, launched from 2014 for a yacht holiday a cut above the rest.

Our Premier Plus yachts are perfect for those looking for a yacht holiday a cut above the rest. Typically launched from 2014, they are a similar size and layout to the Premier range but offer a more modern and sleek design.


Ideal for the ultimate in deck and living area space with modern, comfortable surroundings.

Catamarans are ideal for those who want to experience the ultimate in yachting life. With a large deck space and living area, they offer modern, spacious surroundings with a touch of luxury.


February Sale Prices

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Our boats accommodate 8-10 guests so if you have a group of 8 or more, why not book your own dedicated yacht?

2018 – PRICES

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Departure Premier — per person Premier Plus — per person Catamaran — per person Average temp °C
0 £0 Sold Out £0 Sold Out £0 Sold Out 0


Departure Premier — per person Premier Plus — per person Catamaran — per person Average temp °C
Sep-07 £669 £642 Sold Out £824 £791 Available £923 £886 Sold Out 30
Sep-14 £669 £642 Sold Out £824 £791 Available £923 £886 Sold Out 30
Sep-21 £669 £642 Sold Out £824 £791 Available £923 £886 Sold Out 30
Sep-28 £607 £583 Sold Out £749 £719 Limited £839 £805 Available 28
Oct-05 £607 £583 Sold Out £749 £719 Sold Out £839 £805 Sold Out 27

2018 – PRICES

Spaces selling fast, book now to avoid disappointment!

Premier – per person

0 £0 Sold Out

Premier Plus – per person

0 £0 Sold Out

Catamaran – per person

0 £0 Sold Out


Premier – per person

Sep-07 £669 £642 Sold Out
Sep-14 £669 £642 Sold Out
Sep-21 £669 £642 Sold Out
Sep-28 £607 £583 Sold Out
Oct-05 £607 £583 Sold Out

Premier Plus – per person

Sep-07 £824 £791 Available
Sep-14 £824 £791 Available
Sep-21 £824 £791 Available
Sep-28 £749 £719 Limited
Oct-05 £749 £719 Sold Out

Catamaran – per person

Sep-07 £923 £886 Sold Out
Sep-14 £923 £886 Sold Out
Sep-21 £923 £886 Sold Out
Sep-28 £839 £805 Available
Oct-05 £839 £805 Sold Out

Local payments apply to all bookings: €85 pp for yachts (approx £75) and €95 pp for catamarans (approx £85).
The above itinerary and sailing route is subject to change dependent on weather and prevailing conditions.

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Getting there

You can fly direct to Sicily with many carriers, with two popular international airports, Palermo and Catania. Palermo is about 3 hours from our marina and Catania is 2 hours away. For more details on how to get to the marina, please see your pre-departure documents.