We’re lucky enough to be incredibly
passionate about what we do

We’re lucky enough to be incredibly passionate about what we do

MedSailors is owned and operated by three Kiwi yachties who are passionate about sailing.


We believe that a great sailing holiday is best experienced on a yacht; not a motor cruiser. Sailing is what we live and breathe, and for us there’s nothing more exciting than sharing the experience with others from all around the world. You don’t need a maritime qualification to experience a MedSailors sailing holiday, you just need the desire to explore and enjoy … we take care of the rest.


There’s nothing quite like dangling your feet over the edge of a yacht.


We’ve moored up in many different ports over the years, including Croatia, Greece, Turkey, France, the Caribbean, and of course, good old New Zealand.

Our passion for sailing has seen us build a reputation as market leaders who offer the highest quality Mediterranean sailing holidays available, and it’s no wonder – with a line-up of picturesque towns, bars, vibrant restaurants, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world experienced on every trip.


If you want the best holiday stories, you’ll need to try out the best way to travel – join us on a MedSailors yacht for our next adventure!


Daniel, Jeremy and Hamish from MedSailors




Working for us

Skippers & Guest Managers

MedSailors offers premier sailing holidays for 20-35 year olds in Croatia, Greece and Turkey. Through a passion for sailing and a commitment to providing unforgettable trips to all our guests, we aim to deliver the highest standard sailing holidays possible.


To meet this goal we are recruiting professional staff with the same enthusiasm and drive. We are currently recruiting Skippers for our 2016 season in Croatia, Greece and Turkey. For more information on these roles, please see the Skipper Job Description


There are currently no other crew vacancies available.



To apply please follow the links below, and ensure you attach your CV, cover letter and a recent photograph.
Skipper Application Form


For further details before you apply please email

The Yacht Academy

The Yacht Academy is a Train to Work Programme for qualified and unqualified future MedSailors Skippers. The Yacht Academy provides several pathways to train and start work with MedSailors, catering for all experience levels.




Pre Season Training


All new MedSailors Crew will take part in the Pre-Season Training, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise you need for your season.For more information on their full range of course options, please visit The Yacht Academy