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Skippered sailing holidays for 20-35 year olds

  • No, to secure your booking we do require a deposit. The remaining balance will not be due until 12 weeks before your departure date and can be made in installments through our booking management system.

  • Yes, group members can make their own payments individually through the booking management portal. Payments can be made via credit or debit card and also bank transfer.

  • Yes, please email sales@medsailors.com for a copy, or download your booking confirmation on your mytourinfo.com page under Guest Details

  • On your mytourinfo.com page. Credit or Debit card payments will appear immediately, while bank transfers will take up to two days to show. If it fails to show, let us know the date of payment, amount paid and the reference used so we can track it.

  • By credit or debit card using your booking management page, mytourinfo.com, or see our bank details on the same page. All payments have to be made in EUR and please note that credit card payments incur a 2.85% fee.

  • Yes, you can pay via international transfer through your bank branch or online transfer service. You must use our IBAN and SWIFT codes when making the transfer. International transfer fees are around €15 – €22. Please include this cost in your payment.

    Catamaran Boat Tour

    Pack With Me: MedSailors

    Top 10 MedSailors Tips!

    My time with MedSailors was amazing!!! The staff was incredible, and the food was sooo good! Way beyond my expectations. I look forward to another trip in my future.

    Caitlin Berger

    I had one of the best weeks of my life with MedSailors! I had the best crew mates, skipper, cheeky adventures, and food. We have already talked about our next Med Sailor crew reunion! Just do it...you won't regret it!

    Alyson Erickson

    MedSailors was above and beyond my expectations. A great mix of relaxing by the sea, touring the islands then eating, drinking and partying the night away.

    Matthew Handy