10 Popular Holiday Snaps You Definitely Need To Recreate For Your Socials

By MedSailors Crew published on 16 January 2018

Do you remember the “hotdogs or legs” phenomenon that overtook social media a few summers ago? It quickly became one of the most popular holiday snaps, and it might even be one you want to recreate during your sailing trip. And hey, we don’t blame you if that is the case: the ridiculously clear turquoise waters surrounding your yacht will look pretty epic in the background!

Anyway, here are 10 more fun snaps you’re probably going to want to capture for your Insta grid.

Instagrammable views on a sailing holiday - Sumptuous sights your followers will love

Hold That Sun

Requiring a bit of careful positioning to get right, it’s probably best to attempt this one before saying yes to that tempting-looking cocktail. Best snapped at sunset, you’ll look suave all silhouetted in the foreground holding a giant sphere of fiery orange!

Heart Hands

This is one you can create alone during a scuba diving excursion, with a partner during a romantic dinner, or with your new boat bestie as you’re out exploring your latest island destination.

The Bikini Bridge

Super similar to hotdogs or legs, but a bit more revealing. One to show off your mid-holiday suntan for sure.

Take My Hand

The ultimate wish you were here/look what you’re missing out on snap, your mates will definitely wish they were in paradise and not on their morning commute!

Tan Lines

Just do NOT skimp on the sunblock! Safe sun, guys!

Dreamy Reflection in your Sunglasses

Snap the perfect selfie whilst also showing off your enviable view. Dream duo, right there!

Beach-Side Silhouette

This is one to snap during a particularly spectacular sunset and you’ll definitely get bonus envy points for being in frame and looking like you’re having the time of your life paddling in the waves. And you won’t need to dust off your acting skills because you will, quite literally, be having the best time!

Toes in the Sand

It’s a classic!

The Mid-Jump Sailing Trip Group Shot

Grab your mates, it’s time for the ultimate freeze-frame group pic to document a trip of a lifetime!

Making memories - Sailing holiday snaps to remember

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