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10 Things You Won’t Regret Doing On Holiday

By Lucy Bradley
on  February 02, 2018

Your MedSailors sailing holiday is going to be a #noregrets zone!

You only live once - Sailing holidays to make you feel alive

1) Seeing the World

We love island hopping adventures because they provide the opportunity to really experience the nuances that make each destination so uniquely amazing.

2) Making Your Own Schedule

There’s no blueprint for a brilliant holiday and we want you to see and do everything that you really want to. Whether that’s starting your day with a leisurely breakfast or immediately setting off to explore the winding streets of the nearest town, you do you!

3) Trying Something New

Whether it’s an unfamiliar dish on a menu or a new activity, pushing yourself slightly out of your comfort zone will be more rewarding than you could ever imagine.

4) Meeting New People on your MedSailors Sailing Holiday

One of the true joys of life, and you just never know when you’re going to meet someone who might change your life.

5) Staying Hydrated

That means lots of water between tempting tropical cocktails. You’ll thank us later!

6) Waking Up Early to Catch the Sunrise Over the Ocean

Yes… even if you’re feeling just a little fragile or bleary-eyed after a late night!

7) Taking Lots of Pictures

Although you definitely shouldn’t spend all your time living through a screen, you are definitely going to want to snap a few pictures of your adventures to look back on.

8) Learning the Local Language

Even if it’s just a few words or key phrases. You’ll find that people will become much more receptive when they see that you’re making an effort, and it really won’t matter if your attempts aren’t quite perfect.

9) Spend an Evening Stargazing Beach-Side

It might sound a bit cheesy, but there’s something about spending a warm summer night at the beach with your pals, watching the moonlight shimmer on the softly rippling waves as you’re having a chat about life that’s so magical you won’t ever forget it.

10) Give Yourself Permission

You deserve to have the best holiday you could wish for, so give yourself permission to have fun and live your best life!

Sultry sailing this summer - See the world with friends

Ready to live with no regrets? Book a MedSailors sailing holiday today and start your epic adventure!

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