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3 Unexpected Things To Do In Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  October 27, 2017

As if the prospect of indulging in a MedSailors Croatia sailing trip wasn’t enough, with the opportunity to snorkel and crystal clear waters, walk the ancient walls of Dubrovnik and partake in a Game of Thrones locating spotting adventure, here are a few slightly more unusual things you can also experience during your Croatian island hopping adventure.

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Stop by Split’s Froggyland on your Croatian Sailing Trip

We’re definitely starting off with the strangest one but do bear with us. Froggyland is a delightfully bizarre collection of stuffed frogs posed so that they appear to be partaking in a variety of human pursuits. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to stumble across a group of frogs fishing, playing tennis, or performing in a circus, this is your place. Hungarian taxidermist, Ference Mere, devoted a decade to these dioramas and even developed an advanced technique that means the frogs don’t have any external incisions. Let’s put it this way, you’ll never see anything else quite like it!

Explore the Blue Cave on your MedSailors Croatia Adventure

The ethereal blue glow of the Blue Cave charms and delights thousands of visitors every year. The rich blue hue is created as rays from the sun enter the water and reflect off the cave’s limestone floor. You’re definitely going to want to bring a waterproof camera to document this experience, especially if you’re currently going for a blue insta theme!

Dubrovnik Maskeron

Remember to look carefully beside Dubrovnik’s Pile Gate because you might see a gargoyle’s face in the stone wall. The gargoyle is actually supposed to be an owl and it was originally designed to form the end of a pipe which drained rainwater from the rooftop on to the street. Although the pipes have been altered and its original purpose no longer stands, it has managed to find an unexpected new lease of life; legend says that if you’re able to stand on the head facing the wall and keep your balance as you take off your shirt, you’ll be lucky in love.

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