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4 Holiday Playlists To Curate For Your Trip

By Lucy Bradley
on  April 17, 2018

Music can immediately transport us back to a past moment, help us to relive incredible memories, and ensure we don’t ever forget how we were feeling at a very specific point in our lives. One regret you won’t have is putting together a few playlists that will act as the soundtrack to your sailing trip, so here’s a little bit of playlist inspo to get your audio juices flowing.

The soundtrack to your sailing trip - Make your holiday amazing

The Beach BBQ Playlist

AKA the ‘Let’s Get to Know Each Other’ playlist! Putting on some tunes and asking your new boat mates what kind of music they’re into is guaranteed to get the conversation flowing. Collaboratively putting together a playlist to sum up your first day together as you BBQ beachside under the starts is one of those amazing bonding experiences that you think only happens in TV shows. Here’s a secret – it totally happens IRL too (with MedSailors).

The Sailing Trip Beach Bum Playlist

As you’re going to be spending a good chunk of time lounging seaside on some pretty amazing beaches, putting together a list of beachy tunes will add to the already incredible atmosphere and pretty much leave you feeling as though you’re starring in your very own movie. Holidays should always feel a little too good to be true and a great beach playlist will always help!

The Chilled Out ‘Morning After the Night Before’ Playlist

Waking up on a luxe yacht with a front-row seat to some epic sea views is a pretty good hangover cure in itself, but there’s definitely no harm in curating an easy-going playlist filled with plenty of chilled-out tunes to pop on as you put together a hearty breakfast to get you and your boat mates ready for another day of adventuring.

The Party Playlist

Your theme for your party playlist is pretty simple; aim for banger after banger and you’re on to a winner. This is one that will definitely evolve throughout your trip and get even better with time, so you’ve got to make sure to ask everyone to add their favourite pre-party tunes to the list! Just no “Desposito“, that was 2017.

Party on as the sun sets - Get into the spirit of a sailing trip with friends

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